resultsDI Council approves limited eligibility waiver
DI Council approves limited eligibility waiver

DI Council approves limited eligibility waiver

Legislative Committee to discuss additional flexibility if spring schedules are disrupted

The Division I Council provided a waiver allowing college athletes to participate in limited competition with other collegiate opponents without using a season of eligibility if their schools and or conferences cancel or suspend spring sport seasons.

Any competition must be limited to 30% of the legislated maximum and must end by the NCAA championship selection date.

The Council met virtually by videoconference Wednesday.

Several individual schools and the entire Ivy League cancelled or severely curtailed all sports competition for the spring earlier this year. The decision of schools and/or conferences to cancel spring sport seasons was outside of the control of the student-athletes, Council members noted.

The Council recognized the challenges faced by all student-athletes this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Members noted that the opportunity to compete this spring varies widely across individual schools and conferences.

Because of that fact, the Council asked the Division I Legislative Committee to develop guidance on additional flexibility that should be considered for waivers if a spring competitive schedule is disrupted to the point where an additional season should be granted. Members approved this approach over issuing a blanket waiver for all spring student-athletes.

Members acknowledged the need to provide clarity for those spring sport student-athletes currently engaged in competitions and asked the committee will to report back to the Council in April.

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