nationalNBA creating plan to regulate widespread COVID-19 vaccine distribution
NBA creating COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan

NBA creating plan to regulate widespread COVID-19 vaccine distribution

As of Thursday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said he and his staff members are drafting a plan with teams, players, and agents about a policy to regulate widespread usage of a COVID-19 vaccine throughout the league, according to sources from ESPN.

There are numerous different types of vaccines sitting in the final stages of approval and, with its proactive planning, the NBA could become the first North American professional sports league to distribute widespread access to both players and coaches alike.

Following various discussions with team physicians and agents across the league, the NBA is emphasizing education and informative programs to help players and coaches know more about the vaccines, what they are intended to do, and to help with any decision-making processes along the way. This method of education proved to be successful in the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida, as the league attempted to inform those in the bubble about the causes, risks, and prevention methods attached to the virus as much as possible.

Although opinions seem to be split on the vaccine, its safety, and its effectiveness, some medical experts believe athletes receiving early vaccinations could show millions of people on national television its potential effectiveness and safety.

Eight NBA players have received positive tests since testing began on Dec. 2, but the remaining 533 tested players have not received a positive diagnosis. For more sports coverage, click here.

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