nationalFeed Me: Zeke begins meal prep business with personal chef
Zeke begins meal prep business

Feed Me: Zeke begins meal prep business with personal chef

Manwell McLean, a personal chef of several high-profile athletes, is teaming up with a star client of his on the business front. McLean is partnering with Dallas Cowboys standout running back Ezekiel Elliot to open up a meal prep business called “Hoppie Preps.”

“Me and Zeke are working on opening a meal prep business called “Hoppie Preps.” It will be a fun meal prep business,” McLean said on NBC 5. “I have a lot of clients and athletes coming in and living in DFW to workout. They will say they have tried the other big brands and they just aren’t good. They leave the big brand and then they come to me. So it just made sense we got this business started.”

McLean said the business venture started out as a hobby but quickly turned into a passion once he caught attention from Elliot and Deon Sanders. McLean said he began making meals around 11 or 12 years of age. He said he brought meals to practices, lunch, or church and his ideas really began to take off when he played for Sanders in his Truth league youth football circuit.

The young entrepreneur said he still does plenty of work on his own, but he has recently partnered with appliance and household brands along with grilling brands to help expand his culinary brand. For more sports coverage, click here.

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