nationalDI Committee on Academics begins discussion of APR
DI Council approves limited eligibility waiver

DI Committee on Academics begins discussion of APR

Review to focus on equity, prioritize simplicity and consistency

The Division I Committee on Academics began its discussion of the opportunities to evolve the Academic Performance Rate during its most recent meeting.

Members received information during its videoconference meeting Thursday about 2019-20 student-athlete academic performance and transfer trends. Last fall, the committee members recommended — and the Division I Board of Directors approved — a suspension of the public release of APR data and penalties for two years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The committee is using this time with no penalty assessment or public release of data to review the metric with an emphasis on the equity impact of the rate, as well as a commitment to simplicity and philosophical consistency,” said committee chair John J. DeGioia, president at Georgetown. “The committee will think creatively about the role of the APR within Division I and how it might continue to support the academic success of students engaged in intercollegiate athletics.”

The review comes on the heels of an extensive review of the rate that ended last year and resulted in a number of changes, including a renewal of filters used by limited-resource teams to avoid penalties and a change to how the rate accounts for student-athletes after they graduate.

A task force composed of Committee on Academics members is studying program effectiveness and impact and will make recommendations to the full committee. Any legislative changes would need to be approved by the Division I Council and, ultimately, the Division I Board of Directors. Any changes to Academic Performance Program policies and procedures will be final after approval by the Committee on Academics.

Members hope to have the review complete within a year.

The committee also provided feedback to the Division I Presidential Forum, which is examining the future sustainability of Division I. Two items were referred to the committee, allowing student-athletes who continue to compete after graduation to be enrolled less than full time and allowing more football and basketball student-athletes to participate in summer practice even if they are not enrolled in summer school. The committee determined the full-time enrollment issue deserved additional discussion but did not support student-athletes participating in summer practice while not enrolled in summer school unless those students meet previously adopted exceptions or their school does not offer summer school. For more sports coverage, click here.

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