featurePrairiland, Chisum honored in 12-AAA Volleyball All-District Selections
12-AAA Volleyball All-District Selections

Prairiland, Chisum honored in 12-AAA Volleyball All-District Selections

District 12-AAA Superlatives

Most Valuable Player – Harley Kreck (Soph) Rains (Unanimous)

Newcomer of the Year – Chloe Raley (Soph) Prairiland

Setter of the Year – Kaitlyn Brock (Soph) Rains

Offensive/Attacker of the Year – TJ Folse (Sr) Prairiland (Unanimous)

Blocker of the Year – Reese Parris (Sr) Prairiland

Libero of the Year – Leo Terry (Sr) Rains

Defensive Utility Player of the Year – Bailie Ragsdale (Sr) Lone Oak

Server of the Year – Trinity Hale (Fresh) Edgewood

Coach/Staff of the Year – Rains


1st Team – (alphabetically by school)

Chloe Prestridge (Sr) Chisum

Emmy Williams (Jr) Chisum

Emma Dobbs (Jr) Commerce

Payton Miller (Jr) Commerce

Maddy Bolin (Jr) Grand Saline

Keeley Randle (Sr) Edgewood

Marisa Hubbard (Sr) Lone Oak

Ali Sessums (Jr) Prairiland

Katy Traylor (Soph) Rains

Chanlee Oakes (Sr) Rains


2nd Team – (alphabetically by school)

Kelsea Ball (Jr) Chisum

Peyton Holland (Soph) Chisum

Katie Shaw (Jr) Shaw

Tristen Smith (Soph) Edgewood

Ella Tyner (Soph) Edgewood

Lauren Momon (Soph) Grand Saline

Hannah Green (Sr) Lone Oak

Addison Springer (Jr) Lone Oak

Abi Farmer (Jr) Prairiland

Storey Smith (Soph) Rains


Honorable Mention – (alphabetically by school)

Kaci Williams (Sr) Chisum

Zoe England (Sr) Chisum

Kennedi Pevey (Jr) Chisum

Carly Bell (Soph) Chisum

Brylea Marshall (Soph) Chisum

Emma Garner (Fr) Chisum

Briana Heslop (Jr) Commerce

Sydney Oliphant (Jr) Commerce

Kiara Reynolds (Soph) Commerce

Jaida Harris (Fr) Commerce

Jaylene Balderrama (Jr) Commerce

Ella Tyner (Soph) Edgewood

Gracie Cates (Fr) Edgewood

Kassidy Paul (Fr) Edgewood

Brooklyn McPherson (Soph) Edgewood

Amelia Philips (Jr) Edgewood

Campbell McCown (Jr) Grand Saline

Addison Fisher (Sr) Grand Saline

Rebekah Harrington (Sr) Grand Saline

Andria Houser (Sr) Grand Saline

Emily Brannon (Soph) Lone Oak

Rileigh Neaville (Fr) Lone Oak

Kyndal Yaross– (Soph) Prairiland

Hanna Cope– (Soph) Prairiland

Lanna Riney– (Fr) Prairiland

Krislynn McGinty (Soph) Rains

Cambree Oakes (Fr) Rains

Jasey Campbell (Fr) Rains


Academic All-District


Zoe England, Chloe Prestridge, Kaci Williams, Kelsea Ball, Carly Bell, Peyton Holland, Brylea Marshall, Emma Garner


Jaylene Balderrama, Emma Dobbs, Jaida Harris, Briana Heslop, Payton Miller, Sydney Oliphant, Kiara Reynolds, Cadye Shaw, Meme Wilson


Bailey Brooks, Gracie Cates, Brooke Elliott, Trinity Hale, Jasmine Jackman, Brooklyn McPherson, Kassidy Paul, Amelia Phillips, Kelley Randle, Trisen Smith, Ella Tyner

Grand Saline

Hannah Aaron, Maeghan Block, Isabella Strickland, Addison Fisher, Andria Houser, Rebekah Harrington, Allison Gardner, Darria Morgan, Madison Bolin, Allison Dugan, Gabrielle Lewis, Marti Lewis, Campbell McCown

Lone Oak

Allie Ramm, Hannah Green, Rileigh Neaville, Bailie Ragsdale, Renee Dagenais, Kaylee Hedges, Addison Springer, Emma Hogue, Mackenna Hooten, Carli Brookins, Marissa Hubbard, Emily Brannan, Kinleigh Venable


Reese Parris, TJ Folse, Erika Sims, Abi Farmer, Ali Sessums, Hanna Cope, Katelyn Cornmesser, Chloe Raley, Kyndal Yaross, Lanna Riney


Kaitlyn Brock, Jasey Campbell, Harley Kreck, Krislynn McGinty, Cambree Oakes, Chanlee Oakes, Storey Smith, Leo Terry, Katy Traylor

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